Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Attorney Referrals

Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. accepts referrals from other attorneys on a daily basis. Because he is well known as a respected attorney and trial lawyer, other lawyers often send Mr. Hernandez referrals because of his generous fee split.

If you are an attorney and have a case or cases that you want Mr. Hernandez to handle call his office today 888HDZLAW8, he will be glad to review your case to see if he wants to accept it. We can co counsel on all matters and include you on all pleadings from beginning to end, and you can sit second chair to Mr. Hernandez if you need to take the case to trial.  We will focus on all ethical rules with regards to co counsel and referral agreements. As a grievance board member Mr. Hernandez knows the importance of following the Texas ethics rules.

Contact us today to refer or start a co-counsel relationship with Mr. Hernandez 888HDZLAW8.

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