Aransas Pass Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries can upend even the best-laid life plans. An Aransas Pass personal injury attorney with Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help you to file an injury claim and put your life back in order.

You might have been injured in an auto collision, slip-and-fall accident, or dog attack. No matter what type of accident you were harmed in, an injury claim could allow you to recoup your financial losses and hold the person who caused your accident legally responsible. Filing a claim comes with several challenging steps, but a lawyer can help.

They can investigate your accident to figure out who caused it and help you to prove that their actions were to blame. They can assist you in collecting evidence that can prove fault as well as prove the nature of your injuries. They can work to get you the settlement you need. Call an Aransas Pass personal injury lawyer at our law firm.

Negligence and Liability

When someone is careless in their actions and you are injured as a result, you have the right to file a personal injury claim for what they’ve done. This is due to a set of laws relating to negligence and liability in Texas. Texas law allows all those who’ve been injured by others to seek damages using the civil injury claim process.

Although you have the right under the law to file a claim in Aransas Pass, it’s not always easy to prove your case. An Aransas Pass injury lawyer at our firm can assist you with your case.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents in Aransas Pass

Your Texas injury attorney can help you no matter what type of negligence-related accident you were injured in. Our firm handles all types of cases, and our attorneys know which laws apply to which types of accident case. Here are a few common types of personal injury cases.

A Settlement for a Texas Injury Accident

Damages add up quickly, and you should not have to pay for them when you didn’t cause your Aransas Pass accident. You are likely faced with medical costs, lost income, scarring, disfigurement, lost life enjoyment, permanent injury, or other losses. An Aransas Pass injury attorney at our firm can assist you in obtaining a settlement to pay for your accident-related damages.

Talk with a Personal Injury Attorney in Aransas Pass, TX

You have the right to look for justice after being hurt in an accident instigated by someone else. You likely want a few things out of your claim: justice, to protect others from the negligent party, and compensation to pay for your losses. Doing things on your own can be a lonely road and will likely cause more stress than is necessary.

Consider partnering with an Aransas Pass personal injury lawyer at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC. Tell a Texas attorney all about your case in a free case evaluation. To reach us, fill out and send in the online submission form below or call 361-792-3811

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