Articles of Incorporation

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. will assist you in forming a Texas business corporation. The right legal guidance simplifies this otherwise daunting task. Small businesses use corporations as a business structure because of the limited liabilities attached with this kind of business structure. Raising funds becomes easier and transference of ownership is smooth.

With qualified legal assistance, the transition of your entrepreneurial venture to a corporation becomes a smooth and assured matter.

We are aware of the nuances that matter in the structuring of articles of incorporation. We will ensure that all the relevant information is made available to the Secretary of State. This information includes details about governance of the corporation, its name and address, details of structure, number of shares, duration, and other details.

The articles of incorporation drafted by the Alex R. Hernandez Jr. will address basic governance and the legal structure of the corporation. The degree of detail that goes into such articles depends upon the type of corporation; nonprofits are governed in an exact manner whereas limited liability companies are a relatively flexible structure.

Where required, we will submit bylaws in order to clearly lay out all governing related matters of the company. These legal documents spell out the definitions based on which corporates operate, elect directors, apportion responsibilities to management, and amend laws. Very often, it is in a corporation’s interest to have broad and flexible articles of incorporation in order to maintain flexibility of operation. We keep this in mind when working with our clients.

An experienced law firm will ensure that your business needs are taken care of and future legal issues avoided when drafting the articles of incorporation.

If you need to form a corporation and need articles of incorporation call a lawyer who will handle your matter with personal service. Call 888HDZLAW8. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can handle corporate formation.

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