Ask an Adjuster These 5 Questions Before Giving a Statement

Ask the insurance adjuster these questions before you proceed further with your personal injury claim. If they can’t answer then contact an attorney immediately.

  • Am I being recorded? – watch what you tell them, it may make a difference in the results of your case
  • Is this for property damage or personal injury? – an adjuster may try to get information about your injuries when they are really only handling the property damage part of the claim
  • Will I be getting a rental vehicle? – will they provide a rental or will  you have to claim the rental on your own policy
  • Who do you work for me or the person who hit me? – if they work for the insurance company the chances of them trying to help you aren’t very good, there are some good insurance companies out there and there are some bad ones.
  • When will my property damage be fixed if I give you a statement? – if they make promises they don’t keep then you probably need to call an attorney

In short, it is not usually a good idea to give a recorded statement without first consulting an attorney.

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