Austin Car Accident Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

If you or a loved one has been in an auto accident in the bustling city of Austin, Texas you need an experienced Austin car accident lawyer to handle your case. Our Alex R Hernandez Jr. PLLC staff members can help you get the help you need to recover what you need in you car wreck. We handle auto accidents on a contingency fee basis.

From the beginning rental car issue, to getting your property damage taken care, to obtaining justice due the to negligence of that other vehicle, our Austin car accident lawyers can help. Don’t talk to the insurance companies, they are only there to keep their company’s money and likely will not pay you what you deserve.

Our law offices handles the following:

Aggressive Drivers and Road Rage- we sue road ragers

Texting and Driving – texting and driving to us is just as bad as drunk driving

Distracted Driving – that one person who is putting on their makeup, eating that sandwich, picking up the phone

DWI and drunk driving – we sue drunk drivers

We particularly are wanting to help our clients if they have been injured by a commercial or work vehicle.

Let us get your mental anguish damages and pain and suffering, medical bills paid back, loss of use value, lost wages paid back, disfigurement and impairment in cases of severe injuries, and other damages according to the law.

We can help with your medpay or Personal Injury Protection Claim or if the other driver didn’t have insurance, your Uninsured Motorist Claim. We take a stand to the insurance companies.

Austin Texas has a reputation for high traffic and auto accidents, especially on MOPAC and IH35. When you see that 18-wheeler coming down IH35 and don’t see if stopping behind you in your rear mirror and it’s not your fault you need an experienced Austin 18-wheeler lawyer to handle your case.

If you need an car accident lawyer, Contact us today. Call our bilingual staff can help you today. We don’t get paid unless we can recover for you. Hablamos Espanol.