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Car Accident Lawyer

Poor quality control in automobiles can result in injuries and fatalities Alex R. Hernandez Jr.  PLLC is committed to providing affected parties the highest level of legal counseling to get them justice and ensure accountability of the errant car manufacturer. Manufacturing defects that arise in the assembly line or design defects that happen at an earlier stage lead to faults in automobiles that can result in undue wear and tear or prevent the vehicle from behaving as it should in a given situation.

Every vehicle must comply with federal regulations on structural integrity and clear crash tests. Faulty car tires are vulnerable to detreading, tire separation, and blowouts. Poorly designed fuel tanks may be susceptible to leaks and explosions because of easy combustion at high temperatures. Airbags are a safety feature that is expected to deploy smoothly in an accident. If it deploys before time or with excessive force, it can result in injuries. Steering wheel, accelerators, brakes, and drive shafts are other components that may malfunction and lead to a mishap.

An auto product liability lawsuit is worth pursuing only if there is a chance of a settlement. There are technical and legal aspects to it that only an experienced lawyer can address. Do not get into a long-drawn legal battle that you may not win. Auto accident injuries can be serious and a drain on your financial resources. With the right kind of legal assistance, you can sue for damages that you may have  a realistic chance of obtaining. Auto product liability lawsuits may involve the automobile manufacturer, dealer, mechanic, and even the cargo company tasked with shipping the vehicle.

Even if you feel that you were at fault during an accident, you must consult a lawyer. There are legal aspects that can go in your favor. You may not even be aware of defects in the car that can absolve you of potential charges.

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