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  1. featured2-123

    Were You Involved In An 18 Wheeler Truck Wreck? Our Law Firm Can Help

    Being involved in a car accident is terrifying enough. However, when you are in an accident with an 18 wheeler, the intensity of the situation is certainly increased. Not to mention, the chance of injury occurring is much higher when such a large vehicle is involved. It is estimated that accidents that involve 18 wheelers injure more than 150,000 people and kill over 5,000, every single year. If …Read More

  2. reasons-to-not-drink-drive-blog

    Reasons To Not Drink & Drive From Your Trusted Texas Law Firm

    Whether you are new to driving or you have been doing it for decades, chances are you’ve been warned about the dangers of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, it seems no matter how familiar people are with the poor decision that is drunk driving, they still do it. Sure, it’s not the most convenient thing in the world to leave your car where you have been drinking and call a taxi, but let us t…Read More

  3. Industrial Transit Inc., a Takata Subcontractor Labeled Imminent Hazard by Regulators

    A commercial truck company that operates out of Georgia, Industrial Transit Inc., has been ordered by U.S Safety Regulators to stop operations immediately. The company has been dubbed an “imminent hazard” because of the crash that it was involved in during the month of August. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an agency of the U.S. Transportation Department, Industr…Read More

  4. photos-after-a-car-accident-blog

    The Importance Of Taking Photos After A Car Accident

    When you are involved in a car accident, it can shake you to your core. After all, any near death experience is sure to leave you shaken to say the least. This is even more true if you are injured in the accident. The moments after the collision occurs, it is not likely that you will be thinking rationally. However, remaining calm and taking quick action could mean the difference between your reco…Read More

  5. alex-trial-law-blog

    The Many Ways A Lawyer Can Help You After An Accident

      Even if you consider yourself to be the most careful driver on the planet, you cannot guarantee that you won’t be involved in a car accident at some point or another. When car accidents do happen, they often lead to injuries, both minor and severe. You may find that you have to take care of large medical bills or the cost of ongoing treatments. You may also be unable to work or enjoy your…Read More

  6. wrongful-death-featured-01-11-17

    How Does A Wrongful Death Suit Work?

    When a person or a company causes the death of someone because of negligence or intentional harm, there is a very good chance that a wrongful death claim will be brought up against them. The defendant, or the person who the wrongful death claim is being filed against will be tried to determine whether or not they were indeed at fault for the death that occurred. In most cases, the wrongful death …Read More

  7. Proving a Truck Driver Was Unqualified and Caused An Accident

    18 wheeler accidents are often responsible for many injuries, property damage and sometimes even wrongful death. There are certain situations in which an accident is inevitable, however, there are also plenty of accidents that occur that could have easily been avoided. If you were in an accident with a semi truck and you believe it could have been avoided, it’s time to talk to an attorney about…Read More

  8. Corpus Christi and San Antonio Injury Lawyer

    Your Truck Accident Damage Recovery Questions Answered – Pt. 2

    In our last post, we began discussing the many ways semi trucks can be hazardous and cause accidents on the road. We covered why the majority of truck accidents occur, as well as what you can do to ensure that you remain safe while you are driving on the road next to semi trucks. However, what we did not cover was what happens when you are injured in a car wreck caused by a semi truck. If you hav…Read More

  9. 18 Wheeler Lawyer

    Your Truck Accident Damage Recovery Questions Answered – Pt. 1

    While you may not realize it, the trucking industry plays a huge role in your life. After all, without it, how would you have access to any of the things you need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Products from clothes to food to cars are transported on 18 wheelers every single day, making the trucking industry more than imperative to all of our lives whether we take note of it or not. However…Read More

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