1. Delayed Symptoms You Should Look For After A Car Accident

    Chances are, if you have had your driver’s license for more than a few years, you have probably been involved in an accident of some kind. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there are about 13,000 serious vehicle accidents annually in our state alone. Out of those accidents, nearly 17,000 people will suffer injuries that are severe. In most cases, when people are involved in a …Read More

  2. Check the Reputation of Businesses Before Working With Them

    Giving your hard-earned cash to a business with less than a stellar reputation can invite major headache and frustration. Finding tickets to that sold-out music show you’re dying to see or professional sports event at the end of the season can be difficult, and the appeal of purchasing admission via a sketchy website that has the last two tickets you need could prove more trouble than it is wort…Read More

  3. Distracted Driving

    10 Most Common Driving Distractions

    Driving a car is something most people do every day. It can easily become second nature, and if you drive many miles to and from your job, it can be tempting to become distracted by other activities that seem more pressing. We’ve all seen those drivers roaring down the interstate putting on makeup, reading the morning paper, or enjoying a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich with both hands. W…Read More

  4. Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

    Stay Safe at Amusement Parks This Summer

    With warmer temperatures on the horizon and school only being in session for a few more months, you and your family are probably starting to talk about vacation ideas. Visiting an amusement park is exciting and full of memories for the young and young at heart, but it’s imperative to make sure that everyone is exercising caution and safety at all times. If you’re planning a fun park visit soon…Read More

  5. Car Accident Attorney

    Was Your Car Accident Caught on A Traffic Camera?

    While at one time or another,  it may have seemed like something that you would only see in Sci-Fi movies set in the future, these days, there seem to be cameras everywhere you turn. Between businesses, car cameras, and more, it is likely that you make an appearance on a security camera at least once a day. One of the ways you are caught on camera on a daily basis is through traffic cams that are…Read More

  6. What Will Your Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

    If you were injured in a car accident, hurt on the job, or experienced medical negligence, it can be a confusing time. Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your case will protect your rights and give you the best chance at receiving the compensation that you need. At The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC, we are committed to giving you our best and handling your case with compassi…Read More

  7. Car Wreck

    Caused an Accident? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts

    If you caused a car accident, it’s easy to feel bewildered and unsure about your next steps. Everyone makes mistakes and can cause a car wreck, even if was truly a fluke. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC understand that accidents happen and that you can cause a car wreck, but we’re here to help. With an incredible team of attorneys to review your case and offer legal advice and c…Read More

  8. Potential Reasons A Personal Injury Lawyer Won’t Take Your Case

    If you have never had to hire a lawyer, you may think that bringing a potential case to an attorney will always result in you having representation. In reality, this is not the case at all. While there are certain cases that will are obviously in dire need of legal aid, there are others that simply will not be taken on by a firm because it’s not a smart move. While many people will get extremely…Read More

  9. How Common Is It For Someone To Get A Concussion In A Car Wreck?

    There are many outcomes that can come from being involved in a car accident. For some, their injuries can be as minor as a scrape on the arm or face. For others, however, much more serious injuries are acquired. One of the most common injuries people walk away from an automobile accident with is a concussion. You may think that because concussions are injuries that people obtain in many different …Read More