1. How can a Lawyer Help in a Defamation Lawsuit?

    Defamation or slander is a type of personal injury, and in many cases the harm done by slander and defamation can be worse than physical injury. It can destroy carefully cultivated goodwill and set you back financially. A defamation lawsuit can help you regain prestige. With reference to personal injury law, defamation is defined as a false statement that injures somebody’s reputation. It is und…Read More

  2. Involved in an Accident in Texas – Take these Steps

    Take the following steps if you’re involved in an accident in Texas – Act immediately – Memorize the following steps that you must take. It may be difficult to gather yourself after the shock and injury, but if you can then ensure that your vehicle does not block the traffic. You are prohibited by law from leaving the scene of an accident without confirming injuries and damage. If you can, h…Read More

  3. Texas Personal Injuries Claims Process – Misconceptions to Be Aware Of

    Misconceptions about Texas Personal Injury Cases – Dash off a letter to the insurance company and they’ll mail you the compensation check. If you’re not at fault, you don’t have to worry about hospital bills and lost wages – the insurer will pay. If you’re not at fault and injured, the defendant’s insurer will immediately begin footing the bills. Lawyers with the most attractive ads …Read More

  4. The Comprehensive Guide to a Passenger’s Rights in a Texas Car Accident

    In Texas, passengers in vehicles involved in accidents have rights. When it comes to personal injury cases, not only do you need to know your rights and duties so that you may take the right steps in the period immediately following the motor vehicle crash, you also need to hire a law firm that can protect your rights and get you compensation that you deserve. Passenger in a Car Accident – Claim…Read More

  5. Involved in an Accident in Texas – Don’t Make These Mistakes

    If you’re involved in an accident in Texas, you need to know what to do and just as importantly you must know what not to do. The previous article discussed the do’s. This article will focus on the don’ts. Delaying legal guidance Under Texas law, there is a statute of limitations governing the timeframe within which you can file a personal injury lawsuit. This statute may vary with the facto…Read More

  6. Three Types of Civil Liabilities in Texas Law

    If you live in Texas, you may want to look up and understand some elements of Texas law that are most likely to affect you. Civil liabilities or personal injury is one such category of law. Civil liability comes into play when a tort is committed. If a person is injured, then under Texas personal injury law, the defendant has the legal responsibility of compensating the plaintiff. A settlement can…Read More

  7. Steps to take to Help Establish Fault in a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit

    If you’re involved in a vehicle accident and you suffer injuries, then you’re eligible for compensation depending upon the wages lost, pain suffered, and medical expenses. But for this to happen, under Texas law, fault needs to be clearly established. Take the following steps to boost your chances of presenting a strong case - File a police complaint The police will arrive at the scene of an a…Read More

  8. Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring One

    Hiring a lawyer to help you with a personal injury case is a serious matter that requires due diligence. There’s a lot at stake for you. You need to go about it the right way. Ideally, you should already be aware of a good lawyer that you can straightaway approach if and when you get involved in a vehicle accident. Follow these steps to vet law firms and hire the best one for your situation – …Read More

  9. Construction Site Accidents in Texas – Stats, a Cause for Worry and Precautions

    In 2016, Texas recorded the highest number of work-related deaths from accidents. 545 were reported that year, and of these, the construction industry accounted for a large number of fatalities. Common causes of accidents at construction sites include – 1. Falls – Falls from heights account for the maximum of injuries and fatalities at construction sites. According to the Bureau of Labor Stati…Read More