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  • Accidentes de Auto
  • Accidentes de Motocicleta
  • Accidentes de Camion
  • Accidentes en en Trabajo
  • Accidentes de Llantas Malas

Otros Casos

  • Negocios
  • Bienes Raíces
  • Divorcio
  • Testamentos
  • Consumidor
  • Colecciones
  • Bancarotta

Cuando tienen problemas legales pueden contar en los abogados de Alex R. Hernandez Jr. en Corpus Christi Texas…

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Named to Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers

Alex R. Hernandez Jr was named to the Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers of America for 2020


Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyer

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Esign Contracts

Don’t worry about having to come in and sign a contract, contracts can be sent to you via text and email.  We have software that will recognize your signature, tell us when you have signed and send you a return email that will let you know it has been accepted. We then send it back to you via mail to let you know that a contract has been formed between you and our law firm so you can rest assure that we are working on your legal matter.

We know that these times are hard and we are making our law firm more readily …

Johnson and Johnson Transvaginal Mesh Marketing Settlement

West Virginia “has reached a $3.9 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson in a lawsuit over the company’s marketing of a surgical mesh used to treat pelvic conditions in women, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced Monday.” Morrisey “filed a consumer protection case against the company in September, saying it misrepresented the risks and effectiveness of the medical implant.” The FDA “stopped sales of the synthetic mesh in April 2019 after years of injury reports as well as tens of thousands of lawsuits from women who said they had bleeding, severe pain and infection from the products, also called transvaginal mesh.” The settlement involves no admission of liability or misconduct for Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon.…

Laredo Car Accident Lawyer – Free Consultations

Our law firm handles car accidents in Laredo Texas from our downtown office location at 1100 Matamoros, we only take cases by appointment but can now do free virtual and phone consults. 956-242-7000.

This is what to do if you are in a Car Wreck in Laredo Texas.

1. First things first – try and remain calm, and check for injuries

I know this will be difficult to do, but you have several steps to complete in order to effectively and safely handle the situation. Check yourself first, then check on anyone else who was a part of the accident. Assess the level of injury as best you can, and prepare yourself to call for help.

2. Call 911 if anyone suspects an injury

Do not put off calling 911 to let the dispatcher know there has been an accident. Report any injuries and fatalities. Describe your location using the nearest mile marker or landmark if there is not an …

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