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  1. Compensation for Bicycle Accidents in Texas

    Bicyclists in Texas are protected by law. You need to be aware of your rights and privileges that you may exercise as a bicyclist, and more importantly if you meet with an accident. In 2015, Texas witnessed 51 fatalities for bicyclists. Bike accidents are quite common, and even if these don’t involve fatalities, there is a risk of serious and debilitating injuries. Injuries suffered because of b…Read More

  2. Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics for 2016

    When it comes to accidents on the road, there is only so much that you can do. A lot depends on others on the road. While it is always a good idea to ensure safety when driving on the roads, an accident may happen for no fault of yours. That is when you need an experienced attorney to represent your case so that you are not held liable for something that you did not do. You may also be deserving o…Read More

  3. Accidents Involving 18-Wheelers – Some Stats

    An 18-wheeler is a 40-ton behemoth that can be 70 feet long. It takes special skills to drive an 18-wheeler. Controlling it is not easy, and stopping an 18-wheeler takes up to 40% longer than it takes a car. Slippery roads and poorly maintained brakes can compound matters for large 18-wheelers, tractor trailers and single unit trucks. No doubt, these massive monsters of the highways are marvelous …Read More

  4. 18-Wheeler Rollover Kills Woman Driver in Orange Grove

    Yesterday, on 9th August, an accident west of Orange Grove on FM 624, resulted in the death of a lady driving an 18-wheeler carrying 8,800 gallons of unleaded fuel, half of which spilled on to the road. The driver, pronounced dead on the scene, was an employee of Mission Petroleum Carriers. The accident site near County Road 308 was the scene of hectic activity as Department of Public Safety troop…Read More