Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Named to Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers

Alex R. Hernandez Jr was named to the Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers of America for 2020


Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyer

Remote Workspaces and The Evolution of Technology in Advanced Personal Injury Firms

Bringing Your Work Home with You:

Remote Workspaces and The Evolution of Technology in Advanced Personal Injury Firms

I’ve been monitoring feedback within articles, news reports, and social media posts written mostly by employees from companies who have responded to the Coronavirus epidemic by sending everyone home to work remotely. One thing I’ve noticed is that overall, it’s a ‘win’ for employers and employees alike. My conclusion of course comes after weighing the positives and negatives. I thought it might be helpful to take some of the most prevalent topics from my reading and comment on them from a personal injury attorney’s perspective. Helpful to whom? Not sure, but any firm who isn’t in the know yet might be wise to not only check out my comments below, but also to do their own research…and fast.

Why did it take so long for firms to make the shift, even without taking COVID-19 into account?

From an employer’s perspective, accountability is …

Single Vehicle Car Wreck Kills Woman in Corpus Christi Texas

One woman is dead after a traffic accident on the Crosstown Expressway late Monday night.

Corpus Christi Police Department officers responded to the scene of a crash at approximately 11 p.m.

Four people reportedly were in the car: the woman; a man, who has serious, but non-life-threatening injuries; and two children. The three survivors were taken to the hospital — the children’s condition is unknown at this time.

Witness reports say it appears a car hit a guardrail at the top of the Horne Road overpass of State Hwy. 286 and landed upside-down on the Crosstown Expressway access road below…

National Consumer Law

What is Consumer Law?

Consumer Law covers federal and state regulations and rules that are in place to ensure a safer buying experience and to ensure that sellers do not use underhand tactics to promote and sell goods.

Consumer Law is the area of law dealing with ordinary consumers who have been cheated, injured or financially harmed by the actions of another company or business.

Consumer laws are in place to prevent false and misleading advertisements and to ensure that product safety measures are in place. Identity theft, online fraud, goods and products sold while hiding defects, etc. are examples of the scope of consumer law. These laws can also include credit protection, debt protection, deceptive trade practices, warranty laws, product recall laws, food and drug administration, and other consumer laws.

Who is a Consumer?

In law, a consumer is an individual making purchases or leasing goods and services for personal use or for use in the household. Consumer law …

How Do I Find The Best Car Wreck Lawyer In Corpus Christi?

Finding the best Corpus Christi car wreck lawyer for your case can be a job in itself.  The task with finding the one personal injury attorney to defend you, and protect you or a loved one is important because it means your health, recovery and sometimes your financial well being. We suggest taking the following steps in looking for the top auto accident attorney in Corpus Christi.

  1. Ask your friends – referrals to personal injury lawyers who you can trust can usually be accomplished by just asking. Post the question to your friends network on Facebook.
  2. Online Search- Google it, very simple type in the words “Best Injury Lawyer” or “Top Personal Injury Attorney” or “Car Wreck Attorney Near me” and see if you come up with several names.
  3. State Bar of Texas. – Call the State Bar of Texas see if they have a recommendation in your area for the best car wreck attorney
  4. Ask other lawyers- when a
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