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Commercial Litigation


As out-of-the-norm as it might seem, many of the most complicated and critical lawsuits in the country every year are centered on legal issues that arise between companies, or between a company and its own employees. When businesses run into legal trouble, the area of the law pertinent to finding a solution is known as commercial litigation.

Even a small mom-and-pop shop will have its contracts, government regulations, and day-to-day complexities. Commercial and business litigation may be required to ensure that the business can continue to function, or start running in the first place. When you escalate the size of the company into a corporation or international presence, the potential problems are upsized with it. This is where reliable and accurate commercial litigation really becomes crucial. If the smallest metaphorical gear in the company’s machinery gets caught in a legal dispute, the whole thing could come grinding to a halt or fall apart.

Common areas of litigation or dispute in commercial litigation include:


If someone uses commercial litigation to file a business tort against your company, you need to take the matter seriously. Even though it is your company’s name, not necessarily your own, at the top of the complaint, the repercussions of losing the upcoming lawsuit could be major and permanent. Depending on how your company or corporation was established, you might be held personally accountable for the legal consequences. This means that you could lose your business, your savings, and your livelihood from an accusatory business tort.

In the end, commercial litigation is regarded as one of the more complex forms of litigation. The stakes are generally higher than an individual complaint or lawsuit and the areas or topics of dispute typically involve pages and pages of fine print and red tape. If you think you need help with such a legal issue, you can contact our  commercial litigation attorney from The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez, Jr., PLLC. Since 2001, we have been the go-to law firm for  Austin, McAllen, San Antonio, Victoria Corpus Christi, and all around Texas for serious business disputes. Schedule your free consultation with us today to learn more about our services.


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