divorce1-1231The division of marital property during divorce proceedings requires expert handling so that neither party feels shortchanged. A law firm that understands complex property divorce law is best suited to ensure equitable distribution of items.

We know divorces can be complicated

divorce1234143541Divorces often occur a long time after couples have accumulated items and property together. Some aspects of property settlement are easily handled. For example, you can put a value to real property and jewelry; however, a fair distribution of assets such as vehicles, stocks and shares, and books can be tricky. If you are facing a divorce in Texas, then the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you.   

A divorce that involves division of business ownership and larger assets can lead to nearly unavoidable strife between the two parties. You need to have a lawyer who has the knowledge to protect your rights by your side. Texas follows community property laws, which means that all property except separate property has to be divided between the two. We have the expertise and also access to experts in economics and business valuation. Valuation, especially of intangible assets, requires knowledge and the acumen to present the case so that a fair and accurate division can be negotiated.

Regardless of whether your case involves corporate assets, residential and commercial property, ranches, inheritance, stock options, or pensions, we can assure you that your case will be handled according to its merit.

There are a number of legal matters that the presiding judge has to consider. It is the lawyer’s job to ensure that the judge gets your side of the story. Matters can get complicated if a spouse claims property to be separate and not subject to community property laws. Spousal support and child support are other things to consider. Prenuptial agreements too need minute study.

Our lawyers are experienced in evaluating, negotiating, and litigating property division in divorce cases. If you own an asset that is separate and you wish to keep it free from division, then we can help you prove that the asset is indeed separate. Gifts and inheritances given to one spouse, and property owned before marriage and kept separate are common examples of separate property. If you’ve been compensated for a personal injury, then that money remains your own and your spouse cannot lay a claim to it. However, compensation for loss of wages is treated as community property. There are many more complex property issues. 

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