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Faulty construction equipment can cause injuries on the job that are not your fault. Workers Compensation may not cover these injuries.

Construction and Defective Equipment

Construction sites present hazards to workers on account of the heavy construction equipment and machines deployed. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC represents construction workers who have suffered injury because of such equipment. Workers who have to use heavy machinery in close proximity of other workers need proper training and skill upgrades when required. Apart from use, equipment maintenance is crucial for ensuring smooth working of the machines used and to prevent mishap at the construction site. In fact, negligence in machine maintenance is one of the most common causes of accidents at worksites.

Workers who have suffered an injury at a construction site can seek workers compensation and by pursuing a negligence claim. Common claims filed by workers include compensation for accidents caused by machinery, falling from a height, losing balance and falling because of tripping over an object, and being struck by an object.

Since projects are deadline driven and costs escalate with time, managers try to speed things up; however, this comes at the expense of safety and procedure. Working conditions become unsafe, use of protective gear is overlooked, and best practices in handling dangerous machines and electrical equipment are not followed. When this happens, it contravenes OSHA safety regulations and can result in injuries such as electrical shock, eye injuries, broken limbs, skull fractures, and brain injury. Forklifts, cranes, bulldozers and such tools require careful handling and care.

An injury because of construction equipment can put severe strains on your finances and impact your family’s future.

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