Construction Worker Crushed to Death in South Austin


on the job injuries

Texas holds the dubious record of being the state with the most construction-related deaths in America. One construction worker dies every three days in the Lone Star state. There is one construction-related fatality every nine hours in the South.

On Wednesday, 9th August, a construction worker in his 30s was crushed to death under a concrete slab. These slabs weigh between 30,000 and 40,000 pounds. The accident occurred at a construction site at Wickersham Lane and Cromwell Circle in South Austin.

“Too many men and women are taken from their families due to the deadly working conditions of the Texas construction industry,” said Jose P. Garza, executive director of the Workers Defense Project. “Our hearts are heavy to know that one more loved one won’t be going home today. His family is in our prayers.”

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