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No matter what product you purchase, it will probably come with some sort of warranty form. Warranties are a fairly common tool in the world of business-consumer relations, and yet troubles still frequently arise from them every day. At The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. PLLC, our San Antonio consumer protection law attorneys can help you make sense of warranties and stand up for your rights if company has used dishonest or illegitimate business practices.

Why should you work with our consumer warranty law experts?

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With so many words presented in minuscule font and packed onto a tiny sheet of paper, most consumer warranties can be incredibly difficult to understand. Make no mistake – businesses want them to be filled with legalese that the average consumer will not be able to understand, despite federal consumer warranty regulations attempting to bar this conduct. To try to put it simply, a legal consumer warranty can be defined as a promise made by the manufacturer or retailer of a product that said product will meet a certain level of standards and quality. Furthermore, a warranty should describe how a defective product can be replaced or fixed without cost to the consumer.


Despite the broad definition of what a warranty is and how it should behave, not all of them are the same. There are various details that can alter, for better or for worse, the guarantee created by the seller. Finding solid ground in your consumer law case may depend on your complete comprehension of the warranty as it is described.

Some details to look for in a legal warranty:

  • Length of warranty
  • What parts of the product are covered
  • What forms of damage to product are not covered
  • What repairs or replacements are included

Keep in mind that a consumer warranty is not necessarily an end-all piece of paper that must be taken as law; just because a warranty pamphlet was included with your product purchase, it does not mean that there is no legal leeway for buyer or seller. When a warranty is drafted so that is poses unfair expectations upon the consumer or if it is unreasonable, such as an appliance warranty that is voided upon use of the machine, matters may be challenged through litigation. This is where the services of a warranties law expert come in very handy.


Our team of San Antonio consumer law attorneys understand that a warranty may as well look like an alien language to you. Sometimes it is simply irrational to expect someone to pick apart and interpret a warranty from front to back when they purchase a new item. As a consumer in the United States of America, you have a right to expect that your product will perform as advertised, and without the worry of it failing in a short amount of time through regular use. If you have contacted a manufacturer or retailer about a defective product and were stonewalled or unfairly denied service, you may need to take matters into your own hands and hire our team to represent you. Contact us today to learn your legal rights through an initial consultation.

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