Corpus Christi Broken Bone Lawyer

Accidents can lead to broken bones that can negatively impact all areas of your life. A Corpus Christi broken bone attorney at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC can help you to file a claim against the person who caused the accident that injured you.

Many people will break a bone at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean every person who breaks a bone in Corpus Christi can file a personal injury claim. How do you know if you can file a claim against someone for a broken bone injury? Typically, you will have to be able to prove that someone else’s actions caused your injury.

For instance, if you break an arm in a car crash you didn’t cause, you can submit a claim against the at-fault driver.

There are many different ways to break a bone, or multiple bones, and you have a right to pursue monetary compensation when someone else has caused you to suffer this type of injury. Working with a Corpus Christi broken bone lawyer will likely increase the possibility of a successful case outcome.

Types of Accidents in Corpus Christi That Can Cause Fractured Bones

As mentioned, a lot of people will experience a broken bone during their lifetime, as accidents are a part of life. You could sustain a broken bone injury while working at your job, or you could suffer a bone break during a vehicle collision. The ways to sustain broken bones are almost countless, but accidents fall under a few general categories.

What type of accident you were hurt in does affect your claim. This is because different laws govern different accident types. For instance, if you’ve sustained your broken bone in a vehicle collision, Texas laws pertaining to auto wrecks will impact your case. Your Corpus Christi fractured bone attorney will know the laws that correspond to your claim.

A few common accident types that result in broken bone injuries are listed below.

Receiving a Settlement for Your Corpus Christi Broken Bone Accident

Through the personal injury claim process, you can receive a settlement for your injury and related losses. A Corpus Christi bone break lawyer will gather evidence of fault and work to prove your claim. You can be compensated for your pain, suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, physical therapy costs, mental trauma, and more.

Speak with a Bone Fracture Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

A broken bone injury can be serious, and your life can be negatively affected by your injury and the accident experience itself. You deserve to be treated with compassion during this difficult time. Unfortunately, many insurance companies treat accident victims horribly, which makes you feel like you shouldn’t submit a claim.

Don’t fall for the insurer’s dirty tricks. You are owed full compensation for what you’ve been through, and a Corpus Christi broken bone lawyer can help you work to get it. Reach the firm of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC using the internet form below. You can also dial 361-792-3811. Talk to a lawyer about your broken bone case during a free initial consultation.

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