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Have burn injuries devastated your life? The person who caused you to suffer severe burns should be held to account. Contact a Corpus Christi burn injury attorney with Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC to get working on an injury claim.

Being burned in an accident has likely been a traumatic experience for you. The physical pain of your injuries has negatively affected your life, and your injuries may be permanent. You could also be dealing with lost work wages due to your injuries, and you could be suffering from mental distress following such a painful, traumatic accident.

A Corpus Christi burn injury lawyer at our firm can help you to seek justice for your burn injuries and damages. The person who caused you to suffer serious burns should be held legally responsible for what you’ve been through. A settlement can help you to pay for your burn-related losses and help you to put this accident behind you.

What Causes Burn Injuries in Corpus Christi, TX?

Accidents can cause a person to suffer burn injuries in a number of ways. For instance, you could sustain a burn injury when your oven explodes. If your oven was defective, you may be able to hold a negligent manufacturer responsible for your burn injuries and damages through an injury claim.

Burns are most often brought about by the body’s contact with some type of heat source. A few examples of heat sources include fires, friction, electricity, steam, hot liquids, chemicals, and radiation.

Corpus Christi Accidents That Can Cause Burn Injuries

Your Corpus Christi burn accident attorney will assist you in finding out what caused your burn injury and will help you with seeking damages from the negligent party. Here are some examples of accidents that can cause burn injuries.

The Damages You Need Following a Corpus Christi Burn Accident

When you’ve been seriously burned in an accident, you need a Corpus Christi burn accident lawyer who will fight to see you get the settlement you need. You may have suffered damages such as lost wages, pain and suffering, mental trauma, medical bills, permanent disability, and lost life enjoyment.

Can a Corpus Christi Burn Accident Attorney Really Help You?

You’ve been through a lot, and the thought of dealing with a personal injury claim may be overwhelming. However, if someone else caused your burn injuries, they should be held responsible. Your claim can prevent others from being injured in the same manner you were, and you can receive justice and financial compensation for this horrendous experience.

Speak to a Burn Injury Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

If you feel like filing a personal injury claim would be too much to deal with, keep in mind that your Corpus Christi burn injury lawyer will handle the difficult aspects of the process. This leaves you free to focus on your physical and mental health. A free consultation is waiting for you—call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC at 361-792-3811, or send in the internet form located down below.


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