Corpus Christi Business Litigation Attorney

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Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is a Corpus Christi business and commercial law and litigation attorney handling cases in Nueces County, Kleberg County, San Patricio County, Aransas County, Live Oak County, Jim Wells County, Brooks County, and other surrounding counties.

Experienced in business law and trial law Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr.’s base located at 921 N. Chaparral can help you with your business litigation matter.

Most business cases that we handle are breach of contract matters that could have been avoided with a document that we could have created to begin with to avoid costly dissolution, arguments over interpretation, division, and other business law matters that deal with every day business however large or small.

We handle large cases on a contingency fee basis and cover the costs of litigation up front, we also have mixed fee and mixed contingency fee agreements available. Business Torts such as fraud, tortious interference, and conversion can often be contingency fee based matters that we can handle.  We have extensive knowledge of commercial, corporate and other business issues.

When you need to litigate then you should call Alex R. Hernandez Jr he and his business law office are ready to help. Call today 888HDZLAW8.

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