Corpus Christi Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Injured in a motorcycle collision in Corpus Christi, Texas? You’re bound to have questions about starting on a personal injury claim.

An attorney with Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC is available to provide answers to all of your questions during a free consultation. You can also read through the Q&A below to learn more about filing a motorcycle crash claim.

Can I file a claim even if I was partially responsible for my motorcycle crash?

Yes, you can, aslong as you weren’t the person who was mostly to blame for the crash. This is due to the comparative negligence law in Texas, which examines the negligence of all involved parties. You can still go after a negligent party for the percentage of blame that is assigned to them.

How long do I have until I lose my chance to bring an injury claim?

In Texas, you have only two years to submit a motorcycle crash claim. This is known as the statute of limitations. There are some exceptions to this time frame, but it’s best not to push your luck.

What are damages, and which ones can I add to my claim?

“Damages” is the legal word used to describe a person’s crash-related losses. For instance, pain and suffering, medical bills, mental anguish, property damage, permanent injury, and lost income are some examples of damages. You can add any that apply to your situation.

I’ve been permanently injured in a motorcycle crash. What should I do?

Permanent injuries are, unfortunately, common in motorcycle wreck cases, where head, spine, and other serious injuries are frequent. You can be compensated for your permanent injury, and you can receive a settlement to provide for the suffering you endured and for the lost income you could have earned had the accident not occurred.

How does a Corpus Christi motorcycle crash lawyer prove an injury case?

Your attorney will use all available evidence to prove your case, including witness statements, physical evidence, and photo, video, and medical evidence.

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