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Corpus Christi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Are you dealing with serious injuries because of a motorcycle collision caused by someone else? Partner with a Corpus Christi motorcycle accident lawyer at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC and file an injury claim against the person who caused your accident and suffering.

So many motorists simply don’t care about the safety of motorcyclists. They don’t watch out for them, and they seem to believe that it’s your job to watch out for yourself. When Corpus Christi drivers have caused you to be injured in a motorcycle crash because they were negligent or disregarded your safety, you have every right to hold them to account for your injuries, losses, and suffering.

Drivers must be held responsible when their actions have caused others to be seriously hurt. When you file an injury claim, you are doing more than just fighting for your own right to compensation. You are also making the world a little safer for the other motorcyclists and drivers on the road.

Injury claims can be key to the creation of new laws that make roads safer for everyone. You have a lot on your plate, though, and should be focused on your own needs right now. Allow a Corpus Christi motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm to see to your injury claim and work toward justice for you and for all injury victims.

Understanding What Causes Motorcycle Collisions in Corpus Christi

You’ve probably heard a lot about how motorcyclists should wear a helmet and other protective safety gear to protect themselves in an accident, but your safety gear can’t actually prevent a collision. When you hit the road, other drivers can injure you, and that’s something you can’t always avoid.

There are many different factors that can cause a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, these factors often include another person’s negligence. Sometimes it’s a vehicle driver’s negligence that causes a crash, such as with a distracted motorist. Other times your accident could be caused by faulty motorcycle parts, as an example.

It’s important to understand what causes motorcycle wrecks so that you can pinpoint what caused yours. Your Corpus Christi motorcycle crash lawyer will work to discover the cause of your wreck so that you can pursue the party responsible through an injury claim. Down below are some of the most common causes of motorcycle-involved crashes in Corpus Christi.

  • Distracted Driving – Now a leading cause of all vehicle wrecks, distracted drivers must be stopped.
  • Hazards in the Road – The government can be held to account when they’ve failed to maintain safe roads for motorists and motorcyclists.
  • Intoxicated Driving – A criminal act, drunk or drugged driving is a common factor leading to motorcycle wrecks.
  • Defective Auto or Motorcycle Parts – Negligent parts manufacturers can be sued when they create unsafe parts.
  • Poor Vehicle or Motorcycle Repairs – Mechanics and body shops can be negligent in their repair work, which can lead to accidents.
  • Reckless or Careless Driving – Some people don’t give driving the attention it deserves, or they make the poor decision to drive dangerously.

The Motorcycle Injury Claim Process

After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, you may know that you can submit a claim against the person who hurt you. However, you may not know how to go about filing a claim or what is involved in the process from beginning to end. Your Corpus Christi motorcycle injury attorneys know the process and the Texas laws that will affect your claim.

Here are the basic steps to the injury claim process.

Investigating Your Crash

First, you must investigate the accident to find out what caused it and who will be liable to pay for it. This is an important step because the cause is not always obvious.

Gathering Evidence

Next, you will need to collect evidence that proves what caused the motorcycle accident and who is to blame for it. There are many different parties that could be liable, and you will need proof against each party that was involved. Evidence can include witness statements, police/accident reports, photos and video footage, physical evidence, and expert crash examination reports.

Putting Together Your Injury Claim

Once you’ve gathered your evidence, you will need to put your case together. Your injury lawyers can assist you with this and all the other steps.

Calculating Your Claim

Calculating your damages is important so that you don’t miss out on compensation owed to you for this accident. You will need to include your financial losses, future financial losses, and nonfinancial pain and suffering.

Presenting Your Claim to an Insurer

Finally, you will send your claim to the at-fault party’s insurer. They can choose to offer you a settlement, or you could take the case to court.

Going to Court

This last step is not usually necessary, but going to court is an option. Should the insurer be unwilling to adequately compensate you for your damages, you can go to trial.

How Serious Motorcycle Crash Injuries Can Affect Your Entire Life

When you’ve sustained serious injuries, the life you lived before your accident may be lost to you. You could even be permanently injured, which could mean being unable to provide for yourself through employment. If you are unable to work or no longer able to work the job you once held, you could be owed compensation for lost earning capacity.

Serious injuries can also lead to emotional and mental distress, sometimes causing accident victims to suffer from anxiety, fear, and depression.

The Settlement You Deserve for a Corpus Christi Biker Crash

You are owed compensation for every negative effect of a motorcycle crash you didn’t cause. You can be reimbursed for all the financial costs associated with this accident, such as medical bills, property damage, costs of caregiving services, and costs of physical therapy services. You can also add your nonfinancial pain and suffering to your claim.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Corpus Christi Motorcycle Injury Case?

Some motorbike crash victims think they can handle their injury claims without legal representation, but this isn’t usually the best idea. You aren’t as knowledgeable as your attorney on personal injury and motorcycle crash laws, nor are you likely familiar with insurance negotiations.

Instead, hire a Corpus Christi motorcycle collision attorney to assist you with your claim. They will focus on getting you the settlement you deserve so you can focus on your physical and mental recovery from this accident.

Make the Call to a Motorcycle Crash Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Motorcycle crash injuries can be severe, and your life could be changed forever because of this accident. The person who caused your accident must be held to account for your losses and suffering. Your claim can also protect other innocent people from being injured by the same negligent person or in the same manner that you were.

Filing an injury claim is not something you wanted to deal with, but it’s a necessary process to acquiring the monetary compensation you need to pay for your accident.

Team up with a Corpus Christi motorcycle accident lawyer at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC. Your attorney can do the hard work of pursuing an injury claim while you concentrate on your physical and mental health. A free case review is waiting, so call 361-792-3811 or fill out the internet submission form at the bottom of this page.

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