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Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re facing personal injuries, you already know how life-altering they can be. Hold the person who caused your injuries and suffering responsible by filing a claim with assistance from the Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers at our firm.

Have you been hurt in an accident in Corpus Christi and you think someone else was to blame? You have the option of filing a personal injury claim against the person who harmed you. Texas law allows those who’ve been injured because of another’s negligent or wrongful behavior to receive damages from the at-fault party.

Your damages could be extensive and could include lost wages, physical pain, medical treatment costs, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life. Who’s going to pay for your medical bills and other financial losses? Who’s going to offer you the justice you deserve for the way your life has changed?

The only way to receive a settlement to pay for your losses and compensate you for this experience is to submit a personal injury claim. Don’t delay, as you have only two years to file a claim in Texas for a personal injury. Work with a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer with Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC to increase your claim’s chance of a positive outcome.

Negligence Laws That Apply to Your Corpus Christi Personal Injury Case

The state of Texas has a law concerning negligence, which pertains to how a person can be held liable when their thoughtless actions cause others to be hurt. You are permitted under this law to seek damages through the injury claim process from the person who harmed you. There are two ways to receive compensation: an insurance claim or an injury lawsuit.

You also need to understand that you can seek damages from a negligent person even if they weren’t 100 percent responsible for causing the accident that hurt you. Accidents are complicated, and many different factors can play into the cause. For instance, more than one person can be responsible for causing an accident, and you can hold all of them liable.

Additionally, even if you hold some culpability for your own injury accident, as long as you weren’t the person who was mostly to blame, you can still seek damages from others who were involved in the accident. For instance, if you were 10 percent to blame for your accident, but others were 90 percent to blame, you can pursue them for their percentage of fault.

Determining Who Is Liable for an Accident in Corpus Christi, Texas

When you’ve suffered from an injury, it may not be clear immediately who caused you to be hurt. If you are in a vehicle collision, for instance, the cause of the crash may be unknown to you. That’s why your Corpus Christi injury attorney will need to look into the accident to figure out what caused it and who is liable to pay for it.

When you’ve been seriously injured, you may not even be mobile right now. You will need someone to help you figure out the cause of your accident, gather evidence to prove your case, and guide you through the injury claim process. Below, here is a list of common types of injury cases and who could be liable for your damages in each case type.

  • Car Wrecks – A reckless driver, mechanic, manufacturer, or the government could be liable for damages.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – A homeowner, the government, or a business owner could be responsible for your losses.
  • Dangerous Products – A manufacturer could be held accountable.
  • Abuse or Assault – The abuser is liable, and sometimes, so is an employer or the organization where the abuse took place.
  • Wrongful Death – Whoever was responsible for your loved one’s death can be held legally to account.
  • Motorcycle Crashes – A driver, motorcycle manufacturer, mechanic, or the government could be responsible.
  • Maritime Injuries – An employer’s insurance should cover your losses from a maritime accident.
  • Truck Accidents – A trucker, mechanic, truck manufacturer, the government, trucking company, or loading company could be responsible.
  • Dog Bites – In Texas, the dog’s owner can be held legally responsible for your injuries and damages.

How Serious Injuries Affect Your Corpus Christi Injury Claim’s Value

No matter how seriously you’ve been injured, you deserve to be compensated for your losses; however, with serious injuries, your claim’s value will increase. This is due to the substantial nature of losses that serious injury victims face. Your injuries could have you out of work for a time, and you could also be faced with medical bills you can’t afford.

The Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys at our office are committed to seeing you receive the full value of your claim, no matter how big or small.

Personal injuries known to lead to more extensive losses are listed below.

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Serious burns
  • Spinal injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Damage to vital organs and body systems

Convincing the Insurance Company to Pay You Fairly for your Serious Injury

In order to receive a settlement to pay for your accident-related damages, you will need to work with the negligent party’s insurer. The insurance company is the one that will be paying for your damages. Insurers don’t usually want to pay out on large settlements, so they may attempt to reduce your claim’s overall value.

They sometimes use a variety of tactics to achieve their end goal: paying you less. They may try to place blame on you, or they may try to convince you to accept a payout that is less than you are truly owed in damages. Your Corpus Christi personal injury attorney will fight to see that you are paid the maximum compensation your case allows.

Receiving the Compensatory Damages Owed for an Injury Case in Corpus Christi

When you partner with a Corpus Christi serious injury lawyer, you could receive a settlement or award to pay for the following damages.

Pain and Suffering

You could be compensated for the physical pain of your injuries and related suffering.

Lost Income and Lost Earning Capacity

You could be compensated for missing out on work wages, and in the case of severe or permanent injuries, you can receive payment to provide for the loss of your earning capability.

Mental Trauma and Costs of Treatment

Accidents can leave victims with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental and emotional effects.

Lost Life Enjoyment

You may be unable to live your life to the fullest because of your accident, and you should receive financial reimbursement for this great loss.

Medical Expenses

Injuries are expensive to treat. You should be fully reimbursed for all accident-related medical treatment.

Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

When you’ve been hurt in an accident under questionable circumstances, you’re likely looking into whether you can file a personal injury claim. You probably have a multitude of questions about the injury claim process in Texas. 

Talk to a lawyer at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC to get your questions answered during a free case review. Below, a few common questions have been answered.

How do I prove fault for my Corpus Christi accident?

After an accident, it’s important to collect evidence and document your injuries as soon as possible. Evidence could include statements from witnesses, photos of the accident scene, medical evidence of your injuries, and more. This evidence can help you prove fault, so you can go after the person who caused your accident.

What is the time limit for filing a personal injury claim in Corpus Christi, TX?

Texas gives injury victims two years to file their accident claims. The time frame begins on the day of the accident.

Why should I hire a lawyer for help with my Texas injury claim?

Your Corpus Christi injury attorney can take over your case while you are recovering from your accident-related injuries. They can put your claim together, calculate your claim’s value, and deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Will my Corpus Christi personal injury claim cover all of my damages?

Accidents lead to many damages for victims, such as lost life enjoyment, medical bills, lost wages, pain, mental distress, property loss, and more. Your claim should account for both your financial and non-financial losses.

Is going to court necessary for me to receive a settlement?

Going to court is rarely necessary for a Corpus Christi injury accident claim. Most claims are settled outside of court through insurance negotiation.

Make the Call to a Corpus Christi Personal Injury Attorney

You can’t avoid every accident or injury, no matter how careful you are. Sometimes accidents really aren’t anyone’s fault, but sometimes they are caused by someone’s failure to take others’ safety into consideration. People don’t always think about how their actions can harm others, and you could be injured as a result of that selfishness.

If you’ve sustained injuries and damages because someone else couldn’t be bothered to care about your safety, file an injury claim against the negligent person.

How Do I Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

We have offices throughout Texas and can help with your car wreck, on the job injury, defective product injury, pedestrian accident, dog bite, motorcycle accident, and other serious personal injury claims.

A Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer from our firm is here to help you reach the case outcome you’re after. Receive a free case evaluation by calling Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC at 361-792-3811 or completing the web submission form located down below.

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