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What is a “crushing injury” or “crush injury”?

A crush injury happens when your body or a part gets squeezed between two surfaces. If another party is responsible for you suffering a crushing injury then you may sue for personal injury and may also be eligible for worker’s compensation.  Damages you may seek include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, psychological stress, pain, loss of a loved one from a fatality, and you may also be awarded punitive damages if the defendant is found to have reckless and too negligent.

Crush injuries can happen in an industrial setting, in a car crash, natural disasters, or in freak accidents. Tissue death, bleeding, broken bones, and lacerations can result from such injuries. You may have to live with chronic pain, undergo amputation, never be able to regain full use of the affected part, and even suffer damage to internal organs. Fatalities from crush injuries can attract a wrongful death claim.

Crush injuries may result in complications that include compartment syndrome, kidney malfunction, infections, and hyperkalemia, which can lead to cardiac arrest. If you’re a victim of such an injury, you need to undergo medical care to treat the injury and prevent the condition from worsening.

The attorneys at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC. can assess your case and inform you about the aspects of your injury that will influence the outcome of your claim petition. With our expertise at their disposal, our clients can focus completely on healing and recovery and leave the legal matters to us.

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