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Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has represented clients with divorce issues for two decades. He is an experienced family law attorney, divorce lawyer, and complex property lawyer handling complex division of community property and assets. He has decades of experience handling the division of business and goodwill matters and helps clients understand divorce law and the property division process.


We have a record of enabling clients to achieve favorable divorce property settlements. We share your concern about your post-divorce financial future. Our initial consultation will educate and inform you of your rights and take you through the steps involved in the property division.

It is possible that you can arrive at a favorable property division without having to litigate. This works out to the benefit of all parties involved.

The attorneys at the Alex R. Hernandez Jr. help their clients reach divorce property settlements that protect their future and safeguard their rights. If a mutually agreeable settlement cannot be arrived at, then we can consider a third-party mediator. If that too fails then we will pursue your interests in court.

Call us now for an assessment of the best course of action for you regarding property division. The specifics of each case vary with the situation. Division can be tricky for commingled property. Is that the case with your marital property? Are you finding it difficult to identify separate property from community property? Has your property been misappropriated? Are there proceeds from personal injury compensation? Are you claiming real estate located in another state?

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We can help with legal services and legal advice with regard to divorce law matters. Call our divorce law team today. 361-454-1000 Free Consultations are available to see our business law website at www.alexhernandezbusinesslaw.com. We normally don’t handle child custody and support. We do handle legal separation or divorce matters.

Our principal office is in Corpus Christi, Nueces County Texas, the Phone Number is 361-454-100.

Located at 921 N. Chaparral Suite 100, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 our office is near the State and Federal courthouses. Check our ratings in your local lawyer directory or Avvo. Hire a collections defense lawyer in Corpus Christi Texas today. Call our law firm today. We practice family and divorce law throughout South Texas.

We handle matters locally and nationally throughout the United States, call our law office today.

Our personal injury website is alexhernandeztriallaw.com our criminal defense website is alexhernandezcriminallaw.com we have normal office hours between 8am and 5pm Call Attorney at Law Alex R. Hernandez Jr. today.

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