Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Defense Lawyers

The attorneys at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Trial Lawyers PLLC 1-888-HDZLAW-8 can help you if you are facing Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) audits. We assure licensed healthcare providers such as physicians, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists of assistance and representation in investigations carried out by the DEA. These include investigations and site visits.

We will defend our clients in cases where the DEA forwards the cases to the U.S Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution. You can come to us if you have received show cause orders, suspension orders, DEA memorandums of agreement, number revocations, and administrative hearings.

The Controlled Substances Act is enforced by the DEA.

You can be stripped of your license to practice even before you can come to terms with the fact that you are being investigated. Often, people take the path of least resistance and yield to the pressure applied by the DEA. Without an understanding of the legal process, you will find it very difficult to take the right steps to protect your present practice and financial future.

Once you are informed by the DEA that you are being investigated, you should immediately consult an experienced lawyer who has represented other clients for similar charges. It is not uncommon for DEA officials to propose that you voluntarily give up your registration. They suggest that it will speed up the investigation process and make things easier for you. But that does not happen. Getting reinstated is never easy. Do not take any steps without consulting a lawyer, and most certainly do not sign any documents till you have consulted a lawyer.

A lawyer who knows the ins and outs of administrative law can help you immensely with your case. We have a reputation for proactively organizing our client’s defense so that solutions can be found early. Administrative legal action may include interviews with field investigators. Once the administrative body has noted down its observations, you will find it difficult to challenge these. The right thing to do is to take legal counsel as early as possible so that the observations take into account your version of the events.

This action means that the outcome of the findings will likely not leave you with making the difficult choice of accepting the proposed sanctions or facing an administrative hearing.

If you are being investigated by the DEA, contact us today for the help you need.

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