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top-banner333El Paso, Texas has a deep rooted history.  Founded as El Paso del Norte (at what is now Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) by Spanish Franciscan friars at an important mountain pass, the area became a small agricultural producer though most settlement was south of the river where modern Mexico lies. The city was considered part of New Mexico under Spanish rule and was tied economically to Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Chihuahuan mining districts of San Felipe El Real and San José del Parral.

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The Texas Revolution when Texas revolted from Mexico, which itself had recently become independent from Spain, did not involve paseños as the region was a part of Chihuahua. However, after Texas’ annexation by the United States the boundary of the state was claimed to include what would become this important trading center.

As railroads were built through the area it boomed as a commercial center. The World Wars and the Texas Oil Boom helped develop the city further. As international trade has become increasingly important in the U.S., and Juárez has grown as a manufacturing center, El Paso’s economic importance has continued to expand.

Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr’s great grandfather Alejandro Hernandez took part in the Mexican revolution in Northern Mexico riding with the likes of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.  As a Spanish speaking attorney, Alex R. Hernandez Jr. handles personal injury matters in El Paso by appointment and is ready to serve the needs of El Paso and Cd. Juarez.

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