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Regardless of your financial history, getting into debt is not outside the realm of possibility at any time or for anyone. While it is important to try to find a way back to fiscal stability, it is perhaps even more important that you embrace your rights as someone in debt. This is especially true when it comes to protecting yourself from unfair debt collection practices and credit issues that target you, your family, and your business.

At The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. PLLC, we are proud to say that our attorneys are ready and willing to defend the rights of people like you from the illegitimate advances of collection agencies. To think that people in our community being harassed by debt collectors is unsavory, to say the least, and we want to be able to do our part by providing effective litigators and advocates. Due to our dedication to our clients’ needs, we have been able to enforce fair debt collection laws ever since our establishment in 2001.

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It almost goes without saying that businesses, corporations, lenders, and banks take money-related issues quite seriously. No matter how much you owe, however, there is never a valid excuse for them to operate outside fair debt collection practices and start harassing you for payments. If and when they do, a direct violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act has likely occurred, and it’s time to call our attorneys.

Behaviors that debt collectors may not utilize include:

  • Harassment tactics: Includes the threat of violence, use of vulgar language, publishing debtor names publically, and incessant phone calls – especially at early or late hours of the day.
  • Falsified information: Any sort of lie is entirely unacceptable, such as claiming your inability to pay your debt constitutes a crime, or that they represent a government body.
  • Unfair practices: Sometimes a debt collector will behave clearly outside of the law, such as attempting to add interest of fees after you have already signed an agreement.
  • Refuse citation request: A collection agency must be able to present you a clear validation notice that states how much money you owe and who you originally owed it to, if not them.


There are unfair debt collection practices that agencies may perform in their own best interests. Understanding what collectors are and aren’t allowed to do can help you build your own case against them if or when the time for litigation arises.

A few tactics that creditors may use when you owe money include:

  • Semi-frequent calls to your house number during business hours.
  • Filing for wage garnishment against you.
  • Contact other sources for your basic contact information.
  • Attempt to sue you.

In the last scenario, the only way to defend your rights might be to partner with a San Antonio lawyer who specializes in credit issues. Stepping into court or negotiating with creditors alone may be hazardous for your financial stability and standard of living. One critical mistake could unravel into a worsened situation. Let us be there for you to ensure that fair debt collection rules are followed, and that your rights are never ignored.

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