Financial Institutions Law

The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. offer their expertise in corporate and regulatory issues to banks and their branches as well as other financial institutions. Our knowledge of state and federal banking laws allows us to help clients execute a wide range of transactions that include mergers and acquisitions.

We help our clients achieve liquidity and assist with federal programs that can help with capital generation. Be it negotiating and restructuring stock loan programs or negotiating regulatory administrative actions, our team’s cumulative experience in such cases is at your disposal.

We have the experience in helping banks executing nontraditional banking activities such as securities brokerage and investment advisory. We offer our expertise to clients in the preparation and assistance implementation of capital plans, formation and approval of shelf charters and acquisitions of inflatable charters.

Other aspects of our expertise in financial institutions law include –

  • Helping with eligibility for electing Subchapter S tax treatment.
  • Educating clients about the range and effect of existing laws and new statutes.
  • Anticipating trends and advising clients on the best actions to execute existing plans and minimize risks to business.
  • Advising clients on a range of regulatory matters

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