Harbor Workers Injury Lawyer

Are you a harbor worker who needs the assistance of an experienced lawyer?

Harbor workers’ rights are protected by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). Apart from harbor workers, this act also extends to longshoremen, ship repairers, shipbuilders, dock men, pile drivers, forklift operators, winch operators, and pier constructors. If you’re a harbor worker who has suffered injury during the loading and unloading or ships or in the repair of marine vessels, then you should consult a lawyer who is well-acquainted with this act. Under this act, you are entitled to compensation for your injury.  The compensation includes extensive medical and wage benefits.

Harbor workers suffer injuries that can sometimes be fatal.

Injuries can occur from events such as drowning or near drowning, electrocutions, explosions, fires, falls, equipment malfunction, etc. It is essential that you present a clear relationship between the injury and the accident that occurred on the job site. You also need to prove that the injury occurred in executing job-related duties.

There is a statute of limitations on filing a case and you need to ensure that you file a case before the statute expires.

If you’re a harbor worker and you have faced injury in the line of duty then Alex R. Hernandez Jr.  can help you. We have a responsibility to ensure the employer’s accountability for your injury. We know your rights and we will fight for them. Call us today!

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