Hit by Another Car? Don’t Know What to Do?


What to Do If You Have Been in A Car Accident

When you have been in a serious car accident the first thing to do is to remain calm.  Right now your adrenaline may be running at a high rate of speed, your mind is trying to catch up. What you do is call the police and tell them your exact rendition of what occurred before you forget and now that the car crash just occurred.

Texas Law Drives What You Do After a Minor Accident

If you are in a minor wreck and are in the lane of traffic it is okay to move to the side to get out of the line of traffic. According to Texas Transportation Code Chapter 550.022, if you are involved in a motor vehicle crash on the “main lane, ramp, shoulder, median, or adjacent area of a freeway in a metropolitan area” with no apparent serious personal injury or death, the driver of each vehicle involved is required to remove their vehicle from the roadway. Moving  off the road should be done whenever it can be done safely, and if the vehicle is capable of being normally and safely driven.

Exchange Information

Exchange information if you can with the other driver. Don’t get into an argument of who is negligent it if no one is taking blame. That issue can be figured out later by the insurance or personal injury attorney.

Call a tow truck if you need to get your car towed.  You have a right to choose your own company. A tow truck may arrive at the scene of the car crash but you don’t have to let that truck take it away if you have your own company in mind to take your vehicle.

If you are seriously injured you need to let the EMS look at you to determine your injuries, you may want them to allow the ambulance to take you to the Hospital Emergency Room.

If you need immediate help with your car accident call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. 1-888-HDZLAW-8


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