The attorneys at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with issues involving the Internal Revenue Service – these include audits, appeals, and litigation. Lawyers, as a rule of thumb, are better placed than tax professionals to help you because CPAs and accountants cannot really afford to go against the local IRS department as it can affect their practice.

Only lawyers who specialize in tax and have the necessary experience and insight can help you with cases that involve the IRS. Matters pertaining to the Internal Revenue Service have to be approached after due legal research and technical analyses. Apart from these attributes, lawyers also need to have strong negotiating skills along with the ability to interpret law so that they can arrive at the best possible outcome for their clients and ensure that all avoidable tax payments are avoided.

Tax issues require both a technical and a creative approach. As mentioned above, CPAs and even attorneys without the relevant experience are not really in a position to help you, though they may try to convince you otherwise.

Our lawyers are well-versed with the history of various tax statutes as well as IRS rulings pertaining to the different statutes. This enables them to effectively argue in court. Knowledge of tax law is crucial in favorably interpreting the law so as to protect the client. Lawyers at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez have the experience and insight to exploit the gray areas in tax laws so that the client’s position can be presented in a strong manner.

A law firm that has the experience in handling IRS-related cases is better placed to represent you because there is no substitute for experience, which brings with it an intimate understanding of how the IRS works. Such experience when backed by technical research on Treasury tax regulations, IRS revenue rulings, etc allows lawyers to approach legal issues with confidence.

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