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Do You Need Help With An IVC Filter Lawsuit?

Companies manufacturing IVC filters are facing legal claims from recipients because of faulty instrument design and failure to apprise patients of the risks associated with the device.

Inferior Vena Cava filters (IVC filters) are designed to trap blood clots before these travel to the lungs. Poorly manufactured filters have resulted in punctured blood vessels, fragments, and displacements. These have led to serious complications.

The IVCs are implanted in the veins of subjects who cannot take anticoagulants and need alternative treatment to prevent blood clots. IVCs trap the blood clots and after a period these clots disappear. In 2010, the FDA issued a notice stating that retrievable filters come with the risk of filter fracture, device migration, and a chance of organs being punctured. The agency recommended that these filters should be removed as soon as the risk of clots is mitigated. In 2014, FDA released an updated communication recommending that the filters be removed between the 29th and 54th day.

Since then a number of lawsuits have been filed claiming injury and death from IVC filters. The lawsuits allege failure to issue timely warnings, defects in the design of the filters, manufacturing defects, and lapses in warranty. Adverse and life-threatening side effects of retrievable IVC filters include perforations, device migrations, filter fractures, and pulmonary embolisms.

If you or a family member has experienced complications arising from IVC filters, then you may eligible for compensation.

A study carried out in 2013 and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that of 680 patients who had retrievable IVC filters inserted only 58 could have the filters removed. Some of the reasons why attempts at removing the filters were unsuccessful include embedded devices, filters puncturing blood vessels, filters displaced, and presence of clots inside the filter.

Two companies C.R Bard and Cook Medical are facing the brunt of the lawsuits because of their devices in the market. These devices include the Bard Recovery, Bard G2, Bard G2 Express, Cook Gunther Tulip, and Cook Celect.

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