Just for Men hair and facial hair dyes have failed to properly warn and protect consumers against the harmful effects of p-Phenylenediamine, or “PPD,” which is causing an alarming rate of dermatitis reactions, scarring, pigmentation loss, hair loss, and long term harm to the immune system. These dyes contain a chemical that is causing thousands of people a year to suffer from contact dermatitis type reactions after applying the dye.

Consumer Affairs reported a growing number of reports linking Just For Men hair dyes to a variety of allergic skin reactions, including:

  • Blistering
  • Cellulitis (bacterial skin infection)
  • facial swelling
  • painful chemical burns on skin
  • scarring
  • seeping facial sores
  • severe itching
  • skin rash

While some of these symptoms may fade in time, hospitalizations due to severe complications from Just For Men hair dye have also been reported.

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