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We handle distracted driving accidents in McAllen and Edinburg.

The City of McAllen City Council unanimously passed a texting while driving ban  ordinance which forbids the sending or reading of text messages while driving, browsing the web, or and “viewing or accessing other data that uses commonly recognized communications protocol.” Talking on the phone is still legal, as is the use of GPS.(Ordinance 201104). The maximum fine for most municipal court traffic violations in McAllen is $200. January of 2011

Edinburg’s ban prohibits the operator of a motor vehicle from using a wireless communication device (including a cellular phone or other electronic media device) to view, send, or compose an electronic message or manually engage other application software while operating a motor vehicle upon any public roadway within the city, including when stopped at red lights or stop signs. There exist exemptions for drivers who are using a GPS device or notifying police of an accident since November 2012. Violations are punishable by a fine of up to $500.

We handle violations of these ordinances and accidents involving texting and driving in McAllen and Edinburg.

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