McAllen Texas is known as the City of Palms and is the 21st most populous city in the Texas and the largest in Hidalgo County. Nearby Edinburg is the county seat and where the Hidalgo County Courthouse can be found. Highway 2 and 69 run through McAllen and Hidalgo County and are where many auto accidents occur.

We handle trucking and 18 wheeler accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents. We also handle lawsuits against texting and driving negligent drivers, drunk drivers, and uninsured driver claims. Don’t talk to the insurance companies before you talk to us. Don’t take a recorded statement before you talk to us.

If you or a loved one has had an auto accident in McAllen, Texas, the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with your claim against the adverse driver.

From our Hidalgo County law offices our personal injury and auto accident staff can help you with your auto accident from start to finish. We handle claims in Hidalgo County including McAllen and nearby Edinburg where our offices are located. Call our law offices to set up an appointment today. Call 1-888-HDZ-LAW-8. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Hablamos espanol.