Oil Spills, Lawsuits and Litigation

There are many legal ramifications that come along with an oil spill

An oil spill is an ecological and environmental disaster that affects the livelihoods of fishermen, businesses, and locals who live off the sea. If you or your loved one has suffered financial losses because of an oil spill, then we can help you obtain compensation by filing a lawsuit. The toxic mixture released from the breakdown of oil into its constituents leads to health problems that can persist for decades. A region affected by an oil spill also has to deal with adverse publicity that can keep tourists away and hurt the seafood industry located there.

Oil Pollution Act

The Oil Pollution Act entails that companies guilty of negligence will be subject to stiff penalties that can run into millions of dollars and will also have to bear the cost of the cleaning up operation. Laws concerning oil spills can be complex and it can be daunting for individuals to take on the might of multinational oil companies.

Trial lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has the experience necessary for ensuring accountability of oil firms, where applicable. Contact us today to learn more.

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