Probate Lawyer in Corpus Christi Texas

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. 361-454-1000

We handle probate matters in Corpus Christi. When a loved one dies with a will we can help probate the estate with the guidance of the will, sometimes you need to file for probate, sometimes you do not. There are other instruments we handle such as Affidavit of Heirship, Small Estate Affidavits, and letters to distribute assets as beneficiaries.

We always advise handling matters before a loved one dies. So that a loved one needs creates a will or plan to distribute their assets before death.

It becomes more complicated when a loved one has died and there is no will or the loved one dies “intestate.” We handle these matters when needed.

If you need a probate lawyer in Corpus Christi please give us a call, we are ready to discuss your legal matters and offer help where we can.

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