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Rehabilitation plays a vital role in the recovery process after a spinal cord injury (SCI). Selecting the right rehab facility is crucial; it is the difference between seeing improvement and not getting any returns at all for the money you spend on rehab.

It is a given that the SCI rehab facility should be covered by your health insurance. Rehab costs are high and you should avail all options of financial help. Your legal counsel may be able to guide you on a good rehab facility best suited for your needs and budget.

On your part, you must know the right questions to ask. Your expectations, the services offered, quality of care are some of the aspects you must have information on before you can make an informed decision.

A program that has been in existence for a period is better placed to offer you services that you require. An established rehabilitation center is more likely to have skilled professionals and therapists who can take care of you.

Rehabilitation centers with a regular turnover of patients will have the practice and knowledge to take decisions about your condition. Find out if a given rehab clinic for spinal cord injury has treated people with spinal injuries as severe as yours. How long does a person with injuries similar to yours stay in the rehab center? Does the SCI rehab program offer an outpatient program as a follow-up to in-patient therapy? How many hours of therapy a day is provided by the center? What is the process of communicating a subject’s progress between nurses and therapists, and how are changes of shifts managed? The team of therapists and nurses must be licensed or certified by respective boards and must be able to answer on the procedures adopted to care for a patient’s physical, psychological, and emotional requirements.

If you’re looking for a spinal injury rehabilitation facility for a child, then search specifically for such a center. Children with spinal injuries should not be placed in programs tailored for adults. Spinal therapy for children should include treatment, psychological care, and education.

Talk to patients admitted to a center. Find out about their progress and perceptions about the spinal injury rehabilitation facility. Check stats available with the facility to learn about the number of patients admitted in a year, numbers discharged, and those discharged directly to home as against those referred to another facility for less intensive care. Is the care facility certified or has an accreditation by an agency such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)?

Family support plays a vital role during the recuperation process. A facility located closer to home enables family to plan visits and be there more often for the subject. If the subject is a child, then enquire if the rehabilitation facility has a process for family-oriented care and if parents are allowed to stay with the ward.

The staff should come across as patient and explain to the parents present issues and newer developments in an easy-to-understand language.

How bad is the subject’s condition? Does he require training in managing bowel and bladder movement? Is the subject on ventilator?  The nurses must have the experience in bowel, bladder, and skin care after spinal injury. Physical therapists must have detailed knowledge about the steps to be taken to help subjects regain strength. Occupational therapists must be able to help subjects with activities of daily living, such as bathing and grooming.

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