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San Antonio Appliance and Electronics Defect Injuries

Personal Injury from products such as appliances and electronics can be the result of a defect or recall.

Appliances and electronics are an integral part of the modern American household. Gadgets and gizmos that make life easier for us are also the cause of hazardous accidents. The reason could be a faulty item, poor design, inappropriate repairs, or incorrect handling. The fact is that televisions, smartphones, dishwashers, washing machines cause injuries every year. Space heaters and window AC units that cause burns and explosions are perfect examples.

If you have suffered an injury because of a defective appliance then the product liability attorneys at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Trial Lawyers PLLC can help you. Manufacturers and distributers put up a stern defense because even a single adverse judgment can lead to a slew of similar cases. Moreover, it’s bad publicity for them. You will require the assistance of experienced lawyers who know the full extent of your legal rights and also the nature of arguments that the defendant will likely put up.

Appliances and furniture present an instability and tipping hazard that can result in injuries and fatalities. Nearly eight out of ten such fatalities involve children; and almost 50% of the injuries occur to children. Appliances that present the maximum risk of tipping over from instability include trash compactors, cooking ranges, refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens. Injuries can range from mild abrasions to serious organ damage.

Electrocution is another risk; it is a deadly risk. Electric shock can result in burns. Exposure to electric shock can cause injuries and organ damage. Defective consumer products are the biggest reason for deaths due to electrocution. Washing machines, uncovered live wires, and lighting fixtures figure high in the list of appliances that may lead to electric shocks.

Unless you have a skilled lawyer by your side, you will find it difficult to prove that a manufacturing or design defect in the appliance resulted in injury or fatality.

Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. if you have been injured by a defective product or appliance.



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