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San Antonio Toy Defect Injury Lawyer

Defective Toys Made For Children Can Cause Serious Injuries 

Toys for children are expected to follow safety guidelines and conform to standards laid down by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Toys should carry warning labels according to the rules laid down. If your child has been hurt while handling a toy, then the Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you get justice, and hold the toy making company accountable so that future accidents may be prevented.

Toys that are meant for children aged 12 years and less are to be tested by an independent party and certified as meeting federal safety norms. Manufacturers need to be particularly careful about compliance with regulations related to edges, wires, nails, inflammable materials, toys using projectiles, and pacifiers.

The nature of risk varies with the age of the child. Small children are at risk from choking hazards whereas older ones are susceptible to falls from bicycles, tricycles, and injuries from guns and other projectile-shooting toys. Toys with small parts that may constitute a choking hazard should carry a warning prohibiting their use by children under three years of age. An accident that occurs because of a warning not present on the toy or packaging is sufficient cause for a child’s parents to seek compensation because of a lapse in marketing. You can seek damages based on a manufacturer’s negligence, incorrect representation of facts, strict liability, and a failure of warranty.

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