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A spinal cord injury can be debilitating. It can progressively get worse with time, and it brings along with it a host of other problems. Treatment for SCI is expensive. Having an understanding of the treatment options available will allow you to plan for them and also arrange finances.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Trial Lawyers PLLC take particular care in ensuring that clients understand the options available. We consult specialists to understand present and future treatment requirements and cost considerations. It helps us present our case in a strong manner and increases your chances of getting justice for your injuries.

At present, the focus of treatment for SCI is on ensuring quality of life for the subject and preventing further complications from developing.

Treatment for spinal cord injuries should begin as early as possible. This is to reduce the risk of damage to the head and neck areas Emergency personnel are trained to quickly immobilize the spine and neck using collars.

Emergency treatment in the hospital focuses on ensuring that the patient can breathe and not go into shock. The neck and shoulders are immobilized so that further damage to the spine is minimized. Stool and urine evacuation is ensured, and cardiovascular activity is monitored. Doctors also take the necessary steps to prevent the generation of deep vein clots. The subject may be anesthetized so that he does not move and aggravate the injury.

Spinal cord injuries are treated on an emergency basis, and where possible the subject may be admitted to a spine injury center where neurosurgeons, nurses, and therapists can take care of the situation.

Of the medications administered in spinal cord injuries, methylprednisolone is known to cause an improvement by controlling the swelling at the site of injury.

Special beds and collars are used to immobilize the subject in order to stabilize and align the spine.

Surgery is performed to extract bone fragments and foreign objects, and also repair herniated discs that may be pinching the spinal cord.

The second phase that follows surgery is of ensuring that secondary issues such as respiratory infections, pressure ulcers, and excretion-related issues do not arise. The severity of the injury dictates the duration of hospitalization. Once discharged, the subject may be referred to a therapist for rehabilitative therapy.

Rehabilitation involves interacting with physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, and recreational therapists. During the early stages, the focus is on ensuring that existing muscle function is maintained. The subject is trained to execute regular functions and become as self-dependant as possible.

Technology that the subject may be introduced to includes modern wheelchairs, computer use for executing tasks, electronic accessories, electrical stimulation gadgets, and robotics to help with walking.

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