Students in California Demanding Refunds File Class Action Lawsuits


The Los Angeles Times reports the University of California and California State University systems are being “sued by students demanding refunds of some mandatory fees for services they allege they can no longer access after the coronavirus outbreak forced campuses to shutter classrooms and move to online learning.” According to the class-action lawsuits filed Monday in federal courts in Los Angeles and Oakland, the schools “owe millions of dollars to more than 700,000 students they collectively serve.” Adam Levitt, one of the lawyers filing the suits, explained that a “college education is already a monumental expense for students and their families, and to essentially offer them no relief on these material expenditures, particularly during a time when millions of Americans are struggling financially, is not only tone-deaf but unfair and unlawful.”

In other words, the students believe the higher education systems are “profiting from this pandemic,” the San Jose (CA) Mercury News reports. The University of California “declined to comment on the suit against it.” But the California State University system said the “suit misstated facts, as the schools continued to fulfill their mission of ‘providing instruction and services’ to students.”

EdSource meanwhile reports that across California, “students have demanded refunds for tuition and fees since being forced out of their dorms and in-person classes. However, these lawsuits don’t demand any tuition refunds.”

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