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The Best Immigration Lawyers in Austin, Texas

Hundreds of thousands of people move to the United States for educational and employment opportunities each year. Other immigrants hope to reunite with their families or seek refuge from war or political unrest.

Regardless of your circumstances, the immigration attorneys at ARH Consulting LLC are ready to welcome you and listen. Our primary office is in Austin, TX, but we also see clients in Corpus Christi and Southern California—in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Van Nuys.

Immigration law is complicated, even for natural-born US citizens. An experienced immigration lawyer serves as your advocate and supporter as you navigate the complexities of the American legal system.

What is Immigration Law? 

Immigration law includes any regulations, statutes, or legal precedents related to an immigrant entering the United States of America. These laws govern who is legally allowed to enter the country, how long they can stay, and what steps they must take for naturalization if they desire to become US citizens. 

Legal immigration requires a lot of paperwork and decisions. Our immigration attorneys in Austin, Texas know how to navigate all of the permits, regulations, and requirements. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you complete the long, difficult paperwork without any mistakes that may harm your application or prevent your legal stay in America.

How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost in Texas? 

The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer typically ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the exact circumstances of your case.

While many people hesitate to seek legal advice due to financial concerns, the cost of not speaking with an experienced immigration lawyer could be much higher, including the inability to obtain legal employment, deportation, or family separation.

Alex R. Hernandez’s father immigrated from Mexico, and the Hernandez family has spent decades serving in the American legal system. We fight for the fair treatment of every client in the US immigration system, and we offer payment plans for those who need them. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your case.

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Our immigration lawyers can advise you on a variety of legal situations. Call us if:

  • You Want to Move to the US for Work or Education

We can help you determine the best type of employment-based immigration visa to apply for and ensure you have all the paperwork needed to legally work in the US.

  • You’re Trying to Get a Green Card

Our team of attorneys in Austin, TX will help you file all the necessary immigration forms and documents to apply for a permanent residence card in the US.

  • You’re Seeking Asylum

Many immigrants wish to apply for asylum because they fear returning to violence or persecution in their home country. We will guide you through all of the options available to you in applying for asylum and, if needed, represent you in immigration court.

  • You’ve Been Served a Deportation Notice

If you’ve been served a deportation notice, time is of the essence. Your best shot at staying in the country is by contacting our Austin-based team of immigration lawyers right away.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help

Led by Alex R. Hernandez, with 20+ years of expertise in various practice areas, our team will find the right approach for your case. We offer bilingual services in English and Spanish.

For individuals, we will help you understand the latest US immigration laws, properly submit your paperwork, and represent you before the Bureau of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

If you represent a domestic or international organization, we can offer assistance with hiring noncitizens for employment in your domestic offices, or with transferring any existing foreign employees to your offices within the US. 

You can count on our lawyers in Texas to oversee every detail of your immigration from start to finish.

The Right Immigration Attorneys For You

Whether you’re a business or an individual, our lawyers are qualified and determined to help you with your immigration case in Austin, Texas. But that’s not all–our firm also has offices in Corpus Christi and Los Angeles, CA. Call 818-797-9903 361-734-4062 or contact us online today for your consultation.

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