Timeline of a Texas Car Accident Lawsuit 


After a car crash, you are likely to be suffering in a variety of ways. You are probably dealing with the pain of your injuries, the financial strain of medical expenses and property damage, and the mental stress of going through a traumatic experience.

If you didn’t cause the auto wreck that hurt you, you are probably looking into whether you can file an injury suit and how long it will take to complete.

The time frame of injury claims and lawsuits varies considerably from case to case, but we will get into the basic time frame for you below. This should give you a rough idea as to what to expect with your Texas car crash case.

Timeline of a Car Accident Suit in Texas

First of all, most auto injury claims will be completed within a few months to a year. There are some that will take up to two years, especially if injuries were serious, if more than one other party was involved in the accident, or if there were multiple victims. Claims shouldn’t take longer than two years unless they go to trial. There are always outliers, though.

Beginning Steps: Investigation and Evidence Gathering

The first steps in the car crash claim process are investigation and evidence gathering. These steps could take a few weeks to a few months to complete, again depending on your case.

Some evidence types often needed to prove an auto injury claim: witnesses’ statements, police or traffic reports, medical evidence of your injuries, documentation of your damages, photo and video evidence, and expert witness evidence.

Putting Your Car Crash Case Together

Gathering all of the evidence and putting it into an accident claim could take several weeks. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could take longer, but if you have an attorney, they will probably be handling this step for you. If your injuries are serious, this process could be delayed due to the fact you haven’t completed medical treatment.

Submitting Your Injury Case and Handling an Insurance Company

Once your personal injury case is put together, you will send it over to the liable party’s insurance company. The insurer could take a few weeks to a month or two to complete their part of the claim process. If they agree to the settlement amount you’re requesting, they could cut you a check within a few short weeks.

However, if they deny part or all of your claim, this could delay the process while negotiations are underway. If they refuse to pay you a settlement, your car accident case could go to court in Texas.

Going to Trial for an Auto Accident

The trial process could extend your injury lawsuit. This could cause a delay of a year or more. However, once the trial is started, it will likely be over in a few days.

More Questions? Call a Car Wreck Lawyer in Texas

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