What Can A Car Accident Lawyer Do For Me?


Personal injury lawsuits can be the result of any injury caused by the negligence of another, but commonly involve injuries resulting from car or truck accidents. While minor, non-injury car crashes can often be handled between the people involved and the car insurance companies, major accidents or those resulting in death or injury can benefit from the help of a car accident attorney.

But what exactly does a car accident lawyer do? Car accident attorneys…

Collect police reports.

If you or the other driver involved in the car accident filed a police report, your car accident attorney can collect these records and evaluate them.

Talk to witnesses and gather statements.

If you collected any contact information from witnesses of the accident (which is a good idea to do after an accident for this very reason), your lawyer can get in touch with them and ask for official statements of the accident to help build your case.

Collect photographs from the scene of the crash.

If you call us immediately after the accident, we may be able to come to the scene of the accident and take photographs. Otherwise, we can collect photographs of the accident that you took. We can also contact nearby businesses to see if the accident was captured on surveillance cameras.

Gather medical records and bills.

If you have been treated for injuries related to the car accident or have accrued other bills or lost wages due to injuries, your car accident lawyer can gather all of this information to help fight for a fair settlement with the insurance company during your personal injury lawsuit.

Hire accident investigators.

If an accident is particularly severe, such as an accident resulting in death, serious injuries, or involving a semi truck, we might hire accident investigators who can dedicate their time to getting to the bottom of the accident.

Meet with physicians for more information and reports.

If you have been seeking medical treatment for your injuries, we might meet with your treating physicians and specialists to put together a full report on the extent of your injuries and how they might impact your life moving forward.

Retrieve data from black box computers.

Some newer cars are equipped with ‘black boxes.’ These boxes record important information that can help build your personal injury lawsuit after a crash. They can record things like speed, airbag deployment, whether or not the brakes were pressed, who was or was not wearing a seatbelt, and more information occurring before and after a crash. If needed, we can obtain this information to get more details about the accident.

Handle all communication with insurance adjusters.

Car accident lawyers speak with insurance adjusters frequently. We know their tactics for cutting your settlement short and we know how to fight back against it. We can negotiate with them for a fair settlement, review the policy limits, and be the main point of contact between them and you. This also ensures that you do not accidentally jeopardize your case by saying the wrong thing or being coerced into making recorded statements.

Send demand letters.

If insurance companies are lagging or not paying up, we can send official letters of demand to the insurance company that states how much compensation you deserve backed up with facts from the case.

Represent you in court.

If the personal injury case ends up in court, an experienced car accident attorney can present your case to a judge and speak on your behalf during the proceedings.

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