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What is Personal Injury Law?


After you’ve been injured by a reckless driver, been hurt at work, or experienced emotional trauma, you need someone to represent you legally. If you’re searching for a lawyer in Corpus Christi or Victoria, Texas, call The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC. Committed to serving our clients and pursuing justice with excellence, our solid track record, customer reviews, and positive feedback speak for themselves. We understand that taking legal action for personal injury can be scary and overwhelming, but our lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the results and compensation you need to fully recover. Contact us today for legal counsel or an attorney to represent your personal injury claim.

What is “Personal Injury”?

One of the reasons that individuals miss out on filing a claim and receiving help after sustaining an injury from a negligent party is because they are unclear as to what exactly a “personal injury” is. A personal injury can include sustaining an injury from faulty products, such as a recalled piece of furniture, an electronic that malfunctions, contaminated food, or a car that breaks down or experiences trouble. Another reason to file a claim is if you experience emotional or physical abuse from another individual. Medical negligence is an additional reason to call a personal injury lawyer. This includes receiving contaminated or infected blood during a medical procedure or treatment, accidental overdose of a medication or anesthesia, surgery disasters, and mental health treatment that harms the individual receiving it. Other forms of personal injury can be falls outside of a store or public place, a bite or attack from a neighbor’s dog, or experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from an event or experience. If you have been a victim of a personal injury that requires medical attention or treatment and think it requires legal action, then call The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC. We can listen to your case details and give legal counsel.

wreck-sideWhat Do I Do After Sustaining a Personal Injury?

The most important thing you can do following a personal injury is to take care of yourself and look after your health. If you have already done this, then there are some further steps you can take. There is no “right” order to take these steps in, but to file a claim, you’ll need some information:

  • Collect evidence: this can be photos of that pothole you stepped in that was supposed to be fixed but ended up fracturing your ankle, the receipt for the toy that caught on fire, or the title to your car that ended up being recalled.
  • Write down everything that happened following the accident: This includes hospital visits or ambulance rides, medical treatments, days taken off of work, loss of wages, etc.
  • Get names and addresses of any witnesses: If someone took you to the hospital or stayed with you while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, it’s important to have his or her contact information in case he or she is needed to testify or give a statement.
  • Find a Personal Injury lawyer: Having an understanding advocate who can offer legal counsel, advice, and an understanding ear will help make the process of filing a claim much easier. The team at The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC sympathize with you and want to do our best to get you the compensation and help that you need.

Is There a Time Limit to My Personal Injury Claim?

Yes, and it’s important to understand the time constraints. If you have received a personal injury and want to take legal action, call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so the case can be opened and begun. Settling a claim can take a long time, and if you forget or put off filing your motion, it can jeopardize receiving compensation. Laws called “statutes of limitations” apply to personal injury claims. These are the maximum time constraints that apply to different types of cases and if the limit is exceeded, then it completely bars you from ever being able to receive compensation or bringing suit to cover your injuries. At The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC, our lawyers can advise you about the statute of limitations as it applies to personal injury claims. Let us take over your case so you can focus on getting well and recovering.

What Else Will Happen After I File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you do plan to file suit against an individual, business, company, or other entity that is not the government or a government agency, then it’s important that you notify him, her, or them that you plan to take legal action. By giving notice, this preserves your rights and will prevent the other party or parties from arguing that you took too long to inform them that you were filing a claim. By notifying the individual, group, or company that you’re taking legal action, you can proceed at your own pace of negotiations without feeling rushed or like you have to beat them to the punch.

After the notice is given, the defendant will usually hire an attorney to review his or her side of the case before the court date. Pre-trial litigation occurs after this, which means that the attorneys will request information and evidence to form their cases, schedule a deposition, call mandatory settlement conferences, select a jury, etc. Usually, personal injury claims are settled out of court and before trial. This is to ensure that court costs won’t be incurred (which can be hugely expensive) and to keep the case out of the media and news. No one likes to have a case lag on and on because an agreement can’t be reached. Whatever the outcome, the lawyers at The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC are dedicated to helping you win your case and receive the compensation you need and deserve. Located in both Corpus Christi and Victoria, Texas, our attorneys are eager to help and dedicated to your case.

When you contact the team of The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., PLLC, you will receive understanding, excellent customer service, and a passionate lawyer who is dedicated to always going the extra mile. You can rest assured that working with us will be a pleasant, rewarding, and helpful experience. We have the knowledge, zeal, and sympathy to get you the results you deserve. If you are planning to file a personal injury claim and require an attorney, give our team a call today. With offices in both Corpus Christi and Victoria, Texas, we’re dedicated to representing you! Call now!

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