Full Circle

Valued reader,

Congratulations, you've just received the very first edition of our firm's monthly newsletter! We are excited to bring you helpful legal advice, delicious recipes, and more in coming issues. As for myself, I look forward to getting to know my clients ... CONTINUE READING

Exchanging Information

Car accidents can be deeply stressful and emotionally taxing. The crash itself is frightening, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Injuries, medical bills, and the insurance claim process can drag out the experience for months. But there is something you can do immediately after an accident to make the days and weeks become far, far easier: exchanging information with the other ... CONTINUE READING

Tailgating at Its Finest

There's a slight buzz in the air as you walk through the parking lot. Your ears embrace the sounds of cheering and conversation. Smells of recipes that took years to perfect fill your nostrils as you navigate through a sea of tents and pickup trucks. Friends and family wait at your destination with a cold beverage. The crowds of people all sport the colors of the home team as you finally arrive for what you've waited for all week: game ... CONTINUE READING

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