Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Attorney at Law

Texas based lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has spent the last two decades honing his trial skills and building a law practice based on his reputation, skills, background, and academics. The clients that deal with him directly have a great deal of admiration for him because of what he can do for them.

He has tried to maintain the same praise throughout his firm but doing so, as many business leaders can understand, has been a challenge. Managing people, finances, and marketing on his own while trying cases has been utterly exhausting. Having new lawyers come into the practice has also been a challenge because there are not two people like Alex R. Hernandez Jr. and only if you ask for Mr. Hernandez to represent you do you get a true leader, a true advocate, a true lawyer.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. the lawyer, helps he can help you in the court or with your legal problem.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr., the man, father, and human being, hopes you understand the challenges that the legal world has and can be patient with what the law throws at you.

He thanks you for your patience, your trust, and hopes that the firm can help you tackle the legal issues at hand and together resolve the problems life has given you.

If you need an experience attorney call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. today 361-792-3811 or 888HDZLAW8.

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