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Auto1115 5a0c685081d86 Bay City Injury LawyerHave you recently been, or currently are, injured as the result of another person’s irresponsible and negligent actions? If so, you might be entitled to a settlement to cover the medical and emotional expenses that are associated with your injuries.

If you are in need of legal representation throughout the personal injury claim process, be sure to contact one of our experienced Bay City personal injury lawyer. We understand the importance of every single personal injury claim, and because of that we work our hardest to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Below, we are going to discuss a few things that you should be ready for during a personal injury case.

  • Meeting a lawyer. First, you will meet with one of our Bay City personal injury lawyers. It is then that you will present all of the information and evidence that you have compiled so that the lawyer can better grasp how the injury happened and determine the strength of your case. This will also be the time to ask any questions that you might have about the appeal process.
  • Initial court papers. Next, it will be time to start the case by filling out the court papers and information. Your Bay City personal injury lawyer is an extremely valuable asset in this stage as they will be able to walk you through step by step and explain the purpose of each document.
  • Discovery. The third step in filing a personal injury appeal is discovery, a process that allows both sides of the lawsuit to see what the other side has for evidence. Oftentimes, cases do not make it far past discovery because one side will have a pretty clear idea of who will win the case.
  • Motions. Motions are often to either dismiss the case or to cut the case off before trial, as one side would feels strongly that evidence is in their favor.
  • Settlement. Ahhh, the end goal. When an insurance company feels as if the defendant (yourself) has a pretty compelling case, they often offer a settlement, or a large payment, to pay you for your troubles while saving them from a court battle at trial.
  • If the company does not offer you a settlement you will go to trial. In trial your Bay City personal Injury lawyer will fight to ensure that you receive payment for the injuries that you had sustained.

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If you have been injured at the fault of another person you may be eligible for financial payments to cover medical bills, time off from work, and more. Contact us today for a consultation, or call us to inquire about legal representation for your personal injury case. We look forward to working with you.

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